Out of the blue, my friend Jonah sent me this picture taken from a kite.

1. It’s a beautiful picture, taken on a beautiful island, on a beautiful day, at high tide.
2. I spent two summers in the home “De Wokkel” in this picture. Now a few years later a friend of mine who lives a continent away sends me a great aerial photo of the place. Does chance exist?
3. This very sharp picture is taken from a kite, apparently something very hard to do. Were any special techniques like super resolution used? Will we see image stabilization and super resolution techniques become standard features on our cameras soon?
4. There’s an interactive panoramic version of this photo available from the author here. It takes a while to load but it’s worth the wait.
5. Bonus points if you spot a car in this picture. Visitors can’t bring their cars to the Schiermonnikoog island, and most of the locals don’t have one either.