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Marco Jacobs
Marco Jacobs
That’s what I look like. Getting older and a little bit wiser every day. What I can do for you is much more important, though. Let’s connect!

Who’s Marco?

I speak the language of both executives and technologists. I have a proven track record of consistent growth, taking on increasing levels of responsibility, in consumer electronics, audio/video/3D, hardware/software systems and architectures, product marketing, and intellectual property licensing.
I studied Computer Science at the Delft University of Technology. In 1995, I spent a year at the University of North Carolina working on augmented reality as part of my master’s thesis work. My thesis grade: 9.
I have 7 patents in the fields of video systems, processors, and instruction set architecture design.
Simply deliver
 I’ve gotten where I am today by delivering on my commitments. People know they can count on me 100 percent. And they know that if I say something can be done, it can—and it will be. That old saying that 90 percent of life is simply showing up? Here’s what I believe: 100 percent of life is making good on your promises. It seems simple—and it is. No excuses, no pie-in-the-sky. My motto: Simply deliver.

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