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Services on offer

I am committed to uncovering the key ingredients for your success. Let me put my 15+ years of experience across industries and in different business roles to work for your benefit.

Product management

Market analysis. Strategic planning. Product definition. Requirements analysis and documentation. Branding. Pricing. Crystallizing ideas and bringing them to market. Product management isn’t easy: nearly two-thirds of new products launched by established companies fail—and the percentage is even higher for smaller companies. I have been involved with many new product development projects, from concept to finish, and learned how to maximize a product’s chance of success. Let me put my insights to work for you.

Product launches

Writing press releases. Holding press meetings. Conducting sales training. Generating marketing collateral. Creating website copy. Writing articles. Evangelizing. Are you working on a tight deadline? I have helped many companies launch new products on time and with that extra bang.

Business development

Partnering. Strategic sales. Building customer relationships. Consultative selling. Tapping into an extensive network of clients. Creating win-win situations. I have been developing powerful business for clients for many years.


Placement. Promotion. Writing articles. Developing product brochures. Generating copy for websites and social media. Creating product documentation. Running conferences. Publishing newsletters. Blogging. Meeting with the press.

Project management

Communicating with all the stakeholders and developers. Giving clear direction to the team. Removing roadblocks when they arise. Offshoring. Reporting. Following an agile development process. I have managed many development projects, and I always ensure delivery on time and within budget.

Social media strategy

Concentrating on inbound marketing. Providing value, establishing a dialogue, engaging via social media and forums. Driving corporate presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Gaining executive support and changing the organization to adopt these techniques. I can help you introduce these new tools smoothly and with minimal discomfort, for a permanent new channel to increase your market reach.

Global experience

With 15+ years in international business settings, doing business in the United States, Europe, and Asia, I understand what it means to go global. I have an excellent command of the English language and know how to connect with different corporate cultures.


I have been involved with technology startups for over 15 years. Startups innovate. Startups focus. Startups run fast. Startups must be frugal. Startups provide opportunities. Startups pivot. Working at a startup means you have to juggle several hats, be flexible, and work hard and smart in everything you do. That´s why I love startups so much.


  • 20+ years in technology management
  • 15+ years in IP licensing
  • 10+ years in product marketing
  • 15+ years in audio, video and imaging applications
  • 5+ years in AI and computer vision
  • 5+ years in automotive ADAS
  • 20+ years in semiconductors
  • 15+ years in parallel architectures
  • Led teams of 20+ engineers
  • 7 patents

What Clients Say

Marco is a highly motivated manager who is able to very sharply define new products and get them developed and brought to the market. He is also a strong motivator to others and he has very good marketing and sales skills. It was very pleasant and effective working with him.
Wil van Gils, VP R&D, ABB
Marco is the kind of leader able to challenge and motivate his team, being at the same time an example of discipline and hard work. Through his superior knowledge in imaging, video, and DSP technologies and his pursuit of innovation in these areas as well as his leadership qualities, he is able to play a key role for his organization in today’s tight competition.
Doina Petrescu, Principal Engr, Motorola
Marco is a consummate professional with a remarkably good customer focus. He has the ability to listen closely and understand customers’ requirements, matching these well with his company’s strengths and conveying the same clearly and positively back to his customer. He is highly regarded by customers and I would strongly recommend him.
Dave Doyle, CEO, Baolab
At ExSilent we hired Marco for 3 months to help us organize marketing better. Thanks to Marco we are now getting our new website filled, organized, and structured. Marco also wrote the USPs, flow and content of the consumer brochures for our newest hearing aid instruments. In the end, we got a lot more done because Marco was there.
Wouter Haak, CEO, ExSilent